Japanese Companies Plan To Invest In Maharashtra

Pune, 17th November, 2018 : With its sound infrastructure and efficient logistics, Maharashtra has emerged as one of the top destinations for the Japanese companies operating in the country. Of the total 1309 Japanese firms in the country, Maharashtra has more than 750 of them operating in various sectors. And, the number is poised to increase further as more Japanese companies are now looking for investment in the state. 

Mr. Shrikant Atre, President, Indo-Japan Business Council (IJBC), said at the inaugural of the event Konnichiwa Pune that the number of Japanese companies coming to the state will grow steadily in the next couple of years with focus on potential big city markets like Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad and Nagpur among others and not in Mumbai alone. 
The[Remove this problematic statement as actually in 2017 the J investment all through was down. The trade was down too. Maharashtra is ranking number 3 after KN and GJ.] Japanese companies investments in Maharashtra during 2017-18 reached $ ____ billion registering a substantial jump from $ ------ billion during 2016-17. The investment in Maharashtra is further expected to grow to $ _______billions by_______.
Investment by Japanese companies in Maharashtra has been primarily into the manufacturing sector. However, the aim now is to have enhanced India-Japan ties in other sectors as well, including services sector and educational tie ups leading to skilled human resources’ supply to Japan. 

Supporting the state government’s Make in Maharashtra initiative to fast-track industrial growth, several Japanese firms have expressed interest in working in the state. The special focus will be on development of infrastructure, ports, and promotion of culture and tourism.

The overall growth in bilateral trade has been consistent by 8 to 10% yoy with an exception of 2016-17 but the same is poised to reach a notable high when Japan becomes a top business partner for Maharashtra state.

Japanese Consul General Mr. Ryoji Noda of Consulate General of Japan in Mumbai said, “Maharashtra plays an important and leading role in furthering the economic relations between Japan and India.  The Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Train project is an iconic joint project between the two countries, which will introduce our Shinkansen technology. Japan has made a commitment for this project which will be funded by Japan.”

The high speed train project will connect two important Indian cites, Ahmedabad in Gujarat and the economic hub Mumbai in Maharashtra, he said adding: “Japan has also assisted the development of Maharashtra in other sectors, such as pollution abatement project on River Mula-Mutha in Pune. Maharashtra occupies more than 10% of Japanese companies in the list of Japanese establishments in India which have their headquarters in Maharashtra.”

Congratulating the very first Pune-Japan Business Promotion Event organised by IJBC in Pune, Mr. Takeshi Honjo, Director General of Jetro Mumbai said, “Japanese companies had been increasing their exposure in the past 10 plus years in various parts of India.”

“it was high time the business potential of Pune region in Maharashtra was promoted since there is a huge concentration of Japanese companies in the northern part of India. “We hope, this event will stimulate business interests for both Japanese and Indian companies,” he felt.

According to Mr.Tatsunori Onishi of Wakayama Prefecture Government, Mumbai office, Maharashtra will witness greater development in the days to come with the onset of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project and Bullet Train Project.  “It is already the economic capital and the centre of the film industry.  So, Japan has to focus on the huge potential the state has in store,” he opined.  

Sharing Mr. Onishi’s views, Mr.Nobuyoshi Miyasaka, Director of Yokohama City Government, Mumbai office said that Maharashtra would remain an important partner for Japan and in particular Yokohama.  

Mr. Ajay Chaddha, Director of Nelito Systems said, “The emerging scenario offered a win-win situation for Japan and India with Maharashtra playing a crucial role in expanding the friendly ties between the two countries to the next level.”

Commenting on the two-day event, ‘Konnichiwa Pune’ organised by the IJBC, Mr.Noda said it gives a platform to both Japan and India to come together under one umbrella and explore further opportunities in terms of business, culture, education and other areas of interests.

The Indo-Japan Business Council (IJBC), is hosting KONNICHI WA PUNE - a first of its kind business festival in Pune on 17th & 18th November, 2018. The festival aims to boost investment, promote businesses and cultural exchange between India and Japan.  

About Indo- Japan Business Council 
Established in 2011, Indo- Japan Business Council (IJBC) is a not-for profit organization that promotes business and cultural exchanges between India and Japan. The organization is  recognized by Japan Foundation and Consulate of Japan. For more details see http://www.ijbc.org/ and http://konnichiwa.ijbc.org