Inauguration of Japanese Books Library at Growth Lab, Aundh.

Japanese Books Library containing 27000 Books of 7 different types was inaugurated by Consul General of Japan, Mr. Yoshiaki Ito and chairman of Sakal media Shri.Prataprao Pawar. The event took place in the presence of Japanese language Students and Teachers; Representatives of different Japanese associations; Eminent Japanese Native community; Government officials and STP and IJBC members.

Mr. Anilkumar J. Hatkar, president of Executive Committee of the Indo Japan Business Council said,

みなさん こんにちは、

この イベント さんかいただき ありがとう ございます。

私たちは インド の はたつする ために にほん の せんべん に かんしゃしています。

ありがとう ございます。

As Japan is taking huge initiative in development of India through various projrcts like Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Mumbai-Ahemdabad Bullet Train, River Project, etc. Similarly we would like to work and help Japan in all possible ways.

This way we would strenghthen the relationship and trust between India and Japan.