IJBC holds first Student Members' Meeting


On 9th October 2017, Indo-Japan Business Council held its first-ever Student Members' meeting. Surprisingly, almost each student member showed up for the meeting, and a few joined IJBC even during the meeting.



The GenNext is always youthful and full of new ideas in their minds. The idea of the executive council was to make them talk freely and understand their expectations from IJBC as well as what they can contribute for IJBC. Many excellent suggestions came up, and a few are listed below.


1. Maybe IJBC can do a Japanese Food festival someday, and selected Japanese and Indian student audience can enjoy it. President suggested that if we approach the Hotel Management training institutions may be, we can get a better place to conduct such an event.

2. Career counseling for students who wish to go to Japan for education or employment. The VP assured that IJBC could bring in industry experts (Indian as well as Japanese) for such a session.

3. Japanese art workshops. : Instead of routine art forms, we can have an exchange of our art and Japanese art, performing arts in a one-day seminar. If we do such small events on a routine basis, maybe one day it can become a big event like "Mini Indo-Japanese festival." Here, the President reiterated his policy of doing many small things one by one and that will lead to a big event. Planning only for bigger events never succeeds for budding NPO organizations like ours. Let's do many small events frequently. 

4. Internships in SMEs around Pune. This could be Japanese companies also, but both President and VP suggested that Indian companies also are good to work for during Summer vacations.

5. Talking to other schools and generating awareness about IJBC and its activities. The student members welcomed this suggestion to the extent that they will talk to their Alma Mater schools in their native places and see how we can spread awareness about Japanese language, education and career opportunities in Japan and most importantly, Japanese culture.

6. Having buddy programs; Offering home-stays for tourists coming in; Working as tour guides and volunteering for events were other suggestions which were discussed and taken up too.

7. Most important goal of the students is to go in Japan at lowest possible costs. It can be possible as early as Dec this year post X-Mas in holidays (bit costs of AF and preparations constraints) will be a problem. Besides many members are yet to have passports ready. It was decided that if we can chalk out a tour at 80000 Rs (including AF, Visa, Ins, JR pass for one week and food cost of one week; Excluding stay costs), the IJBC management can plan and try to ensure their stay and travel in Japan happens at lowest costs possible. This will be our long-term goal may be for Summer in 2018. But planning must start now.



The IJBC management learned too that it is the youth and youthfulness that will bring in new directions, new thinking in the way IJBC functions. IJBC is committed to giving its young new members what they want to achieve.