IJBC arranges Furoshiki Demo in TMV Pune

On occasion of 2nd Oct, a day when the Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi, is remembered by all and especially the cleanliness drive that is associated with his principles by our Hon. PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi, famously known as Swachha Bharat Mission, team IJBC arranged a unique, first of its kind demo of oriental cloth wrapping technique known as Furoshiki in TMV Sadashiv Peth Pune.


The idea is simply not to reduce, reuse or recycle and stopping at 3R. But it is to use a 4th R of waste management principle, extremely popular now again in Japan, thanks to Ms. Yuriko Koike who is at incumbent Governor of Tokyo. She is leading this drive of "refusing plastic bags" by adopting Furoshiki technique which she popularized since 2006 March, when she was a minister of environment in then cabinet of Japanese Government.



At TMV, a jam-packed crowd of 80 persons, mainly young students, many housewives and even many elite people from industry, IJBC members were present. The demo unfolded the fine and beautiful art of Mottainai Furoshiki by an expert, viz. Ms. Kazuko Barisic and supporting commentary and presentation by IJBC's well-wisher and friend Mr. Tomio Isogai.


The Japan Foundation west zone advisor Mr. Tatuya Hiraga was present as Chief Guest on this occasion and even he was amazed at the skills of how the audience was following Ms. Kazuko and the demo closely and quickly turned into a practical workshop.



Prof Hari Damle, Prof. Manasi Shirgurkar and other leading teachers of Japanese were present too. Prof. Shirgurkar later commented that she rushed home and she explained the technique of 3 styles she learned to her young daughters.


We, the team IJBC believe that embracing furoshiki as against going for usage of annoying Plastic Bags which is destroying our eco-system, damaging the dumping, burning, animals getting killed (by eating them) can be stopped by REFUSAL mantra.



IJBC stands committed to environment-friendly drives, and we will ensure that this message passes on to school children, college students, industry workers, housewives, each responsible citizen of India.