IJBC Arranged Industrial Visit for Osaka University Students


IJBC initiative in teaching the Pune Industrial Culture to Osaka University Students 


Third batch of Osaka University students are in Pune now. For 40 days they learn Hindi language and local culture. Program is called Summer Hindi Intensive Learning Program (SHILP) and conducted  by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (TMV) and Osaka University jointly. 



Back in 2015, then secretary of IJBC Mr. Shrikant Atre, who is current president of IJBC, proposed Industrial training for these students to give them exposure to local work culture and make them aware of how the Japanese companies are actively Collaborating in India and some of them are already in Pune.


This year's visit was coordinated by Prashanti Bathe and Aria Kotian, IJBC Student Ambassadors. President Shrikant Atre also took time to guide the students. Student first visited Kawasaki India Motors Plant in Chakan and later Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Ltd works at Talawade.



Japanese student participants were :
1. Ms. Haruka Kubota
2. Ms. Hirono Ito
3. Ms. Saki Hashimoto
4. Ms. Satsuki Minami
5. Ms. Yumi Hareyama


When asked about 'How they felt about the industrial visit to these 2 companies'  Ms. Ito wrote about Kawasaki as below,





As regards the Global IT Giant Fujitsu, she says, 



At first, I was surprised to hear that about 2000 people work at FUJITSU at Pune. In addition, I learned the history and business expansion of FUJITSU through presentation. I am interested in working at office using English and Hindi. Therefore, this chance is precious for me. I want to work at global office more than before through visiting FUJITSU. In addition, people working at FUJITSU are very friendly and kind. I thought FUJITSU is very good company in all points. 


IJBC President Mr. Atre comments that "It is the duty of Pune's industries to tap resources' true potential, only by making them aware of the work opportunities. IJBC stands committed to this cause and will work to bridge the gaps."