An Appreciation Certificate for Dr. Sudhir Rashingkar

Indo-Japan Business Council Congratulate IJBC executive committee member Dr. Sudhir Rashingkar for receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from a Japanese compny for completion of JICA projects.

A project “The   Pilot Survey for Disseminating Small and Medium Enterprises Technologies for High Temperature Heat Resistant Camera System for Industrial Furnace.” carried out in India under aegis of JICA, by participating 3 Japanese companies. This recently concluded project was carried out over a period of nearly 3   years .It was aimed at studying energy efficiency improvement methods in furnaces and ovens at high temp(1500 C+) and find the suitability of heat resistant high temp camera to take pictures inside very high temp. Ovens /Boilers. 

Project involved following-

1. Participating in 3 exhibitions -2 in Delhi (IETF) and 1 in Noida (Energy) to promote product concept. In these exhibitions, Japan was a partner country.

2. Holding discussion meetings with top level officers of Steel Authority of India (SAIL),New Delhi  and National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Noida also with   their respective officers in   plants in SAIL, Bhilai(Chhattisgarh) and NTPC ,Kahalgaon(Bihar),and get their consent to receive ,use and maintain  the Heat Resistance camera system in their plants ,should it be donated by Govt .Of Japan (GOJ)thru JICA under purpose as above.

3. Submission of proposal to JICA under competitive   procedure for SMEs for various export potential products. @ 150+ Japanese SMEs participated in scheme and only 20 were selected to receive financial support for introduction of product in export market, this camera project was amongst these. On acceptance of same and receipt of order, designing and installing high temp heat resistance Camera for use in the Coke Oven plant at Bhilai Steel Plant , Bhilai (Chhattisgarh State)and High temp Boiler  in Super Thermal Power Station at Kahalgaon(Bihar State) ,arranging  support equipment procured in India, training the staff for handling and troubleshooting of the camera system and provide service after sales during warrantee period of one year etc was undertaken. Ogawa Seiki Co Ltd of Tokyo took lead in handling this project.   

 For this project, from initiation till completion, @10  visits were undertaken by Japanese teams till final handing over, from participating  companies to both the sites as well as to the corporate offices in Delhi and Noida. In all @ 10 Japanese officers   were involved from these   companies for such visits. Procedural formalities of documentation by procuring acceptance certificates were done at the end of project.

4. As a part of project , visits were undertaken to other potential customers who may be interested in this product by visiting their plants and/or corporate offices, discussing their requirements and clearing any technical doubts about the equipment. In all @ 20 companies/Corporations from all over India and @ 100 officers therein were covered under this thru several visits over project span.

Offices of Japanese embassy, JICA and JETRO in Delhi were visited .Some officers from JICA and JETRO also visited project site or the corporate offices of participating corporations namely SAIL and NTPC. 

5. Officers and other staff at both plants and corporate offices were in all praise for the work done. A detailed report is being submitted to GOJ thru JICA regarding work done and study of energy efficiency.

6. Team lead by Dr Sudhir Rashingkar from Indian side was involved in accompanying the Japanese teams in all their journeys, arranging logistics and Technical/Commercial support and follow-up with various agencies/Authorities regarding the project during entire duration  within India. As a token of appreciation for the work done, he was presented with certificate of appreciation. 

( Dr Sudhir Rashingkar is a member of IJBC E C committee)

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