Student, Individual, Firm, Institution, Association or a Company formed and registered under any of the companies law in force in any country at the time of its registration and is interested directly or indirectly in trade, commerce, industry, agriculture between India and Japan shall be eligible for admission.

Membership Annual Subscription
Annual subscription for the current year is based on last year's sales turnover for manufacturing & commercial firms and as per relevant categories as mentioned in the schedule of subscription for others. The membership has to be renewed every April for that financial year.
The following categories of membership are available

1. Lifetime Donor Membership

  • Amount – Rs. 1, 00,000
  • Mode of payment - One Time
  • Membership period – Lifetime

2. Patron Membership

  • Amount – Rs. 50,000
  • Mode of payment - One Time
  • Membership period – 10 years

3. Honorary Membership
People / Organizations can be nominated as Honorary Members on the basis of recommendation of IJBC committee members  with adequate attendance  (at least  7 out of 9 Executive Committee Members present, preferably unanimously).

4. Indivisual Membership
Indivisual/Professionals who are welcome to become IJBC members.

  • Amount – Rs. 2000

5. Regular Membership
Yearly membership and their classified slabs for Partnership, Sole proprietorship, Ltd Cos. (Public/Private) are as follows

Turnover p.a. Fees for membership p.a.
Over 100 crores Rs. 12000/-
Upto 100 crores Rs.   9000/-
Upto 20 crores Rs.   6000/-
Upto 5 crores Rs.   3000/-

Note: - All members have to pay Rs.1250/- as admission fee.

6. Student Membership

  • Amount – Rs. 500
  • Mode of payment – Yearly
  • Membership period – 1 Year
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1) Will provide business networking opportunities.
2) Will provide product promotion opportunities.
3) Will provide business promotion opportunities.
4) Will organize exhibitions, conference, seminars, workshops etc.
5) Will organize discussions, lectures etc. on subject of current interest.
6) Will provide advisory / expert services.
7) Will institute awards
8) Will provide platform to voice concerns.
9) Will seek discounts for members
10) Will offer library services
11) Will give visa recommendation.
12) Intends to provide certificate of origin services.
13) Will provide platform for experience sharing, etc.